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Celebrating Sant Jordi 2021 with IESE Professors' Book Recommendations

Celebrating Sant Jordi 2021

Sant Jordi at the Library

April 23 is, at one and the same time, Sant Jordi 's Day (Saint George's Day), World Book Day and the Fair of the Book and the Rose in Catalonia.

The Library would like to mark this Sant Jordi by presenting a selection of books recommended by IESE Professors. We asked them to choose books they considered transformative and which they believed any IESE participant would benefit from reading. 

Happy Sant Jordi!

IESE Professors Recommendations

Book Recommendations


 Inés Alegre

"This book helps us think about how capitalism is working and how it should work to respond to
today's challenges. Interesting and novel ideas".

The Future of Capitalism

Rafael Andreu

"The challenges to humanity posed by the digital future, a  detailed examination of
the unprecedented form of power called "surveillance capitalism," the quest by
powerful corporations to predict and control our behavior thus challenging society’s
freedom and eventually even democracy, plus some suggestions to stop it through
some coordinated ”people’s actions” which we shouldn’t delay".

The age of surveillance capitalism

"An enlightened critique of the efficiency-at-any-price economic model plus more real
and practical solutions than it is usual. In particular, some interesting reflections and
ideas about regulation that deserve careful attention to develop and enjoy a better society,
where justice can become more practically present".

When more is not better

Miguel Ángel Ariño

"This book shows the reach and dangers of a pandemic. It was written in 2017 three years
before the arrival of Covid-19, and as such can be considered a prophetic book".

Deadliest Enemy

"This book analyzes current trends in the world and the variables that the author believes
will most shape the decade we’ve living in. The book hazards a guess at what the world
may look like in 10 years’ time".

2030 viajando hacia el fin del mundo tal y como lo conocemos

Jaume Armengou

  • Estoy contigo
    by Melania G. Mazzucco

    99.40-MAZ (Reading room - Barcelona Library)

"I was struck to learn, in such great detail, about the professionalism and dedication
of the volunteers and professionals who receive and help integrate refugees".

Estoy contigo

Nuria Chinchiilla

  • Masters of our destiny
    by Nuria Chinchilla & Maruja Moragas

    12.60-CHI(D) (English - Stacks - Barcelona Library)
    12.60-CHI (Spanish - Reading room - Barcelona and Madrid Libraries)

"A great book on self-leadership and to lead others. Ed. EUNSA also ebook in English and
in Spanish".

Masters of our destiny
  • Integrating life
    by Nuria Chinchilla, Esther Jiménez & Pilar García-Lombardía

    12.60-CHIN (English - Reading room - Barcelona Library)
    41.10-CHI (Spanish - Reading room - Barcelona Library)

"How to lead successfully your professional and personal life in a global world. Ed. Ariel also
ebook in English and in Spanish".

Integrating life
  • Time hangs by a thread 
    by Maruja Moragas

    06.00-MOR (English - Reading room - Barcelona Library) 
    06.00-MOR (Spanish - Reading room - Barcelona and Madrid Libraries)

"Inspiring autobiography with reflections while facing adversities. Ed. Rialp".

Time hangs by a thread

Tobias Dennerlein

"I recommend “Dare to lead” and “The fearless organization” because teams and organizations
nowadays should make it their prime leadership objective to build workplaces that are
characterized by leaders who (a) model vulnerability so that employees can bring their human
selves to work and (b) create safe environments so that people will always choose to speak up
without fear of negative repercussions".

The fearless organization
Dare to lead

Domènec Melé

"Ethics and spirituality at the workplace facing the 4th Industrial Revolution: validity of the
legacy of Pope John Paul II".

Valor humano y cristiano del trabajo

Pedro Nueno

  • Cheating yourself in business
    by Pedro Nueno

    10.01-NUE (English - Reading room - Barcelona Library)
    10.01-NUE (Spanish - Reading room - Barcelona Library)

"Some CEOs, even some Boards, have avoided addressing important issues affecting
their companies in a negative way. In some cases, this has killed the company".

Cheating yourself in business

"Jordi Canals and Franz Heukamp have an excellent global perspective about the evolution
of management and how internationalization, innovation, digitalization are impacting it".

The Future of management in an AI world

Alberto Ribera

  • The 7 Moments of Coaching 
    by Alberto Ribera

    12.40-7 (English - Reading room - Barcelona Library)
    12.40-7 (Spanish - Reading room - Barcelona and Madrid Libraries)

"12 senior coaches of IESE Executive Coaching Unit take you on a journey exploring
different moments of the coaching process. An easy-to-read and enjoyable book that
combines real-life cases with very practical explanations of the key coaching tools
and concepts. An essential read for leaders interested in talent development and
transformational positive change."

The 7 Moments of Coaching

Josep Tàpies

"Family and family-owned businesses represent a very high percentage in most economies.
This book, the result of 30 years of experience, sets out a series of best practices and
recommendations to ensure their sustainability.

This book is available for free in English and Spanish (pdf version), It can be
downloaded at"

Family-owned business

Josep Valor

"It is always interesting to understand how wise men think. From the same author of
a fantastic Steve Jobs biography".

Einstein: his life and universe