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Open Access Publishing (Transformative Agreements)

This guide provides an overview of the “Transformative Agreements" IESE researchers can apply to in order to publish their research in open access, at no charge




The first TA the University of Navarra signed was with Cambridge UP. It is an individual TA, unlike the national TA negotiated by CRUE – Spanish Universities.

TA Coverage

Current duration of deal:  2021-2023.

The number of articles IESE members can publish in open access: all articles accepted by the publisher that the author requests.

TA Limits

Article publication date:  For an article to qualify, it must have been published after January 1, 2021.

Journals included (see the list): OA journals are largely excluded.

Types of articles included: All types.

Discount to publish in any fully open access journal: There is no discount.

Authors: Corresponding authors using their email address.


Further information: Cambridge UP Procedure.

CUP Journals

Cambridge UP Journals included in the Transformative Agreement.