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News & Articles

News & Articles

Search for subjects headings such as: Corporate sustainability, Sustainability, Sustainable development, Sustainable investing, Environmental management, Environmental responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Environmental auditing, Green business or Environmental economics.

See Sustainability articles here.

See Sustainability news here.

Also, in Factiva you can find articles on ESG issues related to companies and the business life.
You can limit your search by choosing Environmental/Social/Governance in the Subject section.
By choosing ESG Reports you limit your search to ESG reports from various companies.

Books and eBooks

Books and eBooks

Find books and e-books on environment, green, sustainability, responsibility… (Also articles).

For books, select “Books”, type your search terms (by author, title, subject) and SEARCH. Details of printed books in IESE Library.

For e-books, limit your results by Show only> Available online. You can find subscribed books from different providers including EBSCO, Springer and Elsevier, as well as different ebooks available for free.

Overview and Analysis. ESG Data Sources

Overview and Analysis. ESG Data Sources

For an overview of sustainability information, use the Environmental and Social Governance Function: type ESGX and GO key. You will have access to news, research, indices, energy and emissions regulations, screening and analytics.

Environmental, social, governance, and executive & director compensation data is available from the ESG tab of the FA screen. Type {ticker symbol} <EQUITY> FA <GO>. Export data as PDF or to Excel. Or type {ticker symbol} <EQUITY> ESG <GO>. The ESG screen will show ESG ratings from Bloomberg as well as outside ESG scores. Click on the values to find additional data.

To compare ESG data for multiple companies, type RV ESG <GO> to access the Relative Valuation function.

To access more information on ESG data and functionality, including EQS and Excel templates, type BESG <GO> to access the Overview of Bloomberg ESG function.

To search for fields to download ESG data into Excel, type FLDS <GO> to access the Field Search function. In the “Enter Query” field, type ESG and press <GO>. A list of fields appears. To see a description of a particular field, click on the field name.

For more information about Sustainability in Bloomberg click here.

Type ESG in the main search box to see the ESG overview APP. It gives a wealth of information including downloadable fact sheets and links to useful ESG Apps.

ESG Data at single company level: Type the name of the company in the main search box and use the ESG tab on the company page.

ESG Data multiple companies: Screener App > Add Filters (to create your set of companies) > use the Data Item Library to look for ESG data fields available for the set of companies you have created.

ESG company-level data is also accessible from Refinitiv Datastream available at the Library PCs. More than 450 datatypes / data points are available under the following categories: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Scores. 

Library FAQ: ESG data-LSEG Workspace (formerly Refinitiv Workspace)
Library FAQ: ESG data-Datastream

Rankings & Indices

Reports on CSR and Business Ethics

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International Organizations

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