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Managing your Academic Identity

How to Get Your ResearcherID

To obtain a ResearcherID, create a Publons account and then import records from Web of Science. A Researcher ID will automatically be assigned for you overnight.

1. Go to Web of Science.

2. Select Publons.

3. Click on "Register". Enter your name, email address and password and click on the Register button. A registration invitation link will be emailed to you. Click on it and authenticate the account.

4. Click on “Continue” to bring up your Publons profile. Click on “Tie your profile to your Web of Science records by claiming your Research ID”, in order to link your publications indexed in Web of Science and obtain your ResearcherID.



Use your institutional email ( for new registration. Input Univ Navarra, IESE Business Sch for institution under your affiliations settings. Add alternative publishing names under your profile settings.

If you already have a ResearcherID or Web of Science account, you can log in using those credentials and start using Publons.