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Managing your Academic Identity

Benefits of Using Author IDs & Profiles

  • It reduces author ambiguity, by providing a means of distinguishing between authors with identical or similar names. It also brings together all your works even if you have used different names during your career.
  • It helps to manage career changes. As you pursue opportunities at different institutions over the course of your career, you can ensure that all of your research outputs are still attributed correctly to you and that your work can be found by others.
  • It bolsters administrative efficiency, by simplifying and facilitating the accreditation and evaluation of research activity.
  • It boosts research impact, by increasing the visibility and discoverability of your research. It also offers metrics and bibliometric indicators for each of the author profiles.
  • It promotes networking and collaboration, by enabling you to connect with other researchers around the world and explore potential avenues for research collaborations and associations.

In this guide you can find information on how to create and manage your own author profiles on the following platforms and obtain your author identifiers.