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Managing your Academic Identity

ORCID Account Settings

Sign in, go to your profile and click on the pencil icon to open the edit window. You will be able to add or modify your Account Settings: personal information, employment, education and qualifications, invited positions and distinctions, membership and service, funding, and works.

You can change the visibility setting for each item individually, enabling you to choose which you want to display publicly or only share with trusted parties or no one at all.

You can view what your public record looks like by clicking the “View Public Version” link beneath your ORCID iD at the top left of your record.

All sections allow users to input information manually. Some sections also allow users to import data from external databases (funding and works) and via BibTeX files (works).

If you need help editing your ORCID account settings, click here.



Always use "Universidad de Navarra IESE Business School" to indicate the institutional affiliation.